We are a full service steel fabrication facility servicing a wide range of customers and industries with outstanding service and unmatched expertise. Whether your project is large or small we can deliver.


We combine digital modeling and fabrication to ensure that our products meet your project requirements with the time frames and product quality. From CAD drawings to production, we are with you every step of the way.


As a full-service fabrication company, one of our many specialties include custom metal bending for pipes, bars, beams and tubes. We can take your custom prototype or designs and bring it to life for your specific project and needs. With experience averaging nearly a two decades, our talented workforce takes tremendous pride in maintaining a level of quality second to none. Your products are formed accurately, on time, and with minimal distortion and maximum consistency. While precision steel shaping is always in highest demand, our veteran, versatile metal-benders work with a multitude of different materials. We’ll bend to the shapes and radii you need, no matter what they’re made of.


Some of the industries we service, but not limited to are Oil and Gas, HVAC, Sheet Metal fabrication and Structural Components with a main focus on commercial services. We cut a variety of thicknesses ranging from 22 Gauge to 1” thick material. Our materials include:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized
  • Aluminum


With almost 20 years of experience, our welders can meet almost any requirements our customers may need.

Custom fabrication

Stainless Steel Specialist fabricators is available to handle projects of all shapes and sizes.We offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel fabricating services and products including:

  • Commercial Sinks
  • Commercial Cabinets
  • Industrial Countertops
  • Commercial Hoods
  • Worktables
  • And more!

We will partner with you to take your project from CAD shop drawings to installation – ensuring that you are being provided with exceptional stainless steel fabrication services.


Metal fabrication projects often require many intricate steps to get from the initial spark of an idea to the manufacturing of the final product. You can eliminate the stress of managing this extensive chain of events by collaborating with our experienced metal project management team. They can provide a complete range of PM support from basic consulting to comprehensive metal fabrication project management. With years of experience in this complex process, our project managers know how to keep communication channels open and ensure your project keeps moving efficiently.